El Quizarra 'Lot Papaya' - Costa Rica

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We are finishing the year flavourful with our second lot from Finca El Quizarra and Direct Trade partner, Carole Zbinden. While there are many commonalities between Lot Papaya and Lot Limón released earlier this year, the difference in sun exposure has made a clear distinction between the two. On the west side of the farm, Lot Papaya has developed more robust, dark fruit characteristics compared to it’s floral and citrusy counterpart to the east.

Carole’s farm and mill reside on her family’s property in Carrizal, Central Valley where they are admired for their meticulous farm care and sustainable practices. They use water-saving eco-pulpers and operate a composting program that transfers the organic waste from coffee processing to further enrich the soil. These practices highlight the importance of sustainability to the family, but also reflect the extremely high level of care and attention to detail that we admire.